Photographer Paul Paldus hails from the city of St.Catharines, Ontario  where he lives with his wife of twenty three years and his three children.

His colorful and artistic photograph's has quickly earned him a fan base of followers which consist of fellow photographer's, clients, creatives and those that are passionate about art and photography.

As multi-published photographer his work has graced the pages of over ten international boudoir magazines and counting.

Paul has also released his first photobook called “Niagara Through My Lens” which is a forty five page, hardcover book depicting colorful images that he took throughout the Niagara region. With the success of his first book Paul is currently working on his second book in which he hopes to complete and have available for  purchase by early November 2024.

Paul's work can be seen at various shops throughout the Niagara region and is available for purchase at those locations. 

Currently Paul is only shooting Portraits, Products, Boudoir, Streetscenes, Bands/Artists, Events and Sports and selected Weddings/Destination Weddings.

Please feel free to contact me to inquire about your need and how I can help.

Remember, if the image doesnt speak to it's viewer or stir an emotion within,  then it's just a picture.

Paul Paldus


Paul always uses the following gear:

Nikon camera bodies

Nikon professional lenses

Godox trigger's

Godox strobe lights, umbrella's and softboxes